AC Maintenance in Milford, MI

When you call for air conditioning maintenance in Milford, MI, you get a comprehensive cleaning, inspection, and AC tune-up for your cooling equipment that boosts efficiency for the summer to come. You’ll enjoy the reliability, performance, and energy savings that expert maintenance brings, along with a thorough “preflight” to make sure you’re good to go. The checklist includes fan motors, fan belts, filters, refrigerant, and so much more, ensuring that your AC system is ready to serve you well. We’ll let you know if there’s anything we note that could ground your AC instead of a smooth flight for the summer.

Top-Flight Air Conditioning Maintenance in Milford

Often, the details add up to reduced performance and lead to AC system failure. Air conditioning maintenance in Milford takes the time to go over each component, from cooling to air handling to air filtration. This helps us catch failing components, and also provides an AC tune-up that minimizes wear and tear from daily operation during cooling season. Our HVAC technicians have experience that allows them to notice when the operation isn’t quite right. Their test equipment helps them check for refrigerant leaks, and motors that are drawing too much power as they age. Airflow issues, measured by special meters, can lead to coil icing or lack of comfort in your home. In addition to the details, a large-scale cleanup of your AC gear can even remove winter nests inside, and locate wiring and component damage from small creatures. Start fresh yearly!

Air conditioning maintenance services can include:
  • Condenser unit post-winter cleanout
  • Refrigerant verification for performance and compressor protection
  • Air filter check and replacement
  • Air handling system check
  • Careful coil cleaning for peak efficiency
  • Thermostat check

AC Tune-Up Experts

In the spirit of the essential pre-flight inspection, our AC tune-up and maintenance services ensure that your home’s cooling system is ready for durable performance. At Matheson Heating, Air & Plumbing, our company was founded over 75 years ago by Lt. Ross Matheson, a World War II fighter pilot with a solid sense of direction in life. We still have an attitude of service, readiness, and answering the call for others. Always prepared with a vehicle well-stocked with parts and equipment, we hit the road when you need us for air conditioning repairs or to install a new ac unit, and to deliver quality AC tune-ups. We also provide maintenance services for furnaces. Check out our hundreds of outstanding Google and other online reviews, and ask your friends and neighbors about our services, provided to generations of Milford homeowners.

Do you have a good habit of investing in air conditioning maintenance each year in Milford? Call Matheson Heating, Air & Plumbing and schedule yours today!

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