AC Installation in Commerce, MI

AC Installation in Commerce, MIMatheson Heating, Air & Plumbing provides AC installation in Commerce, MI, helping you find an affordable and energy-efficient air conditioning system for your home. Air conditioning systems help you stay comfortable by keeping your home at a steady temperature, no matter how hot it is outside. Our team knows how important effective air conditioning can be, especially during heatwaves, and we’ll work with you to select an AC system that is affordable, quiet and efficient in operation, so you and your family can stay cool all year long.

AC Replacement Could Cut Your Energy Bills

An efficient air conditioning installation offers effective cooling for minimal energy use. When you have an air conditioning unit that is working well and that’s the right size for your property, you’ll find it uses less energy to keep your home at a steady temperature. Modern units are often quieter while in operation, too, which is something many homeowners appreciate on balmy evenings.

If your property is older, your AC unit may be using a refrigerant that is no longer on the market today. If your unit is working well and is in good condition, you can still use it with the older coolant. However, if your unit has a leak and frequently needs to be topped off, it may make sense to opt for an upgrade to a more modern and environmentally friendly unit.

AC replacement could be a cost-effective option for you if:
  • Your AC system uses a discontinued refrigerant
  • You have a coolant leak
  • Your AC system is short cycling or won’t switch on
  • There are odd noises or smells coming from vents
  • Your current system is more than 10-15 years old

Here is How We Install Your New AC Unit

At Matheson, we’ll be happy to cruise over to your house to offer our expert opinion on whether it’s time for an AC replacement. We’ll check out your home from top to bottom to determine what size AC unit makes the most sense for your space and cooling needs. We offer a wide selection of air conditioning systems from Carrier, a world leader in HVAC solutions. Matheson is a proud Carrier Authorized Dealer and a nine-time Carrier President’s Award recipient, which means we will always pass the test with flying colors.

During our home assessment, we’ll examine your comfort challenges, such as hot and cold rooms, humidity levels, electricity usage, and indoor air quality.

Why A Seamless AC Installation Matters

Why A Seamless AC Installation MattersIf your cooling system isn’t installed properly, you won’t experience the full benefits, which are years of complete comfort at an affordable price. While it’s important for you to choose a quality brand such as Carrier, it’s equally important that your AC installation is performed flawlessly.

AC Installation You Can Trust

Matheson Heating, Air & Plumbing offers reliable AC installation services for homeowners in Commerce and the surrounding areas. We are members of Air Conditioning Contractors of America and have won an Angi’s Super Service Award for our professional, friendly service. Our highly trained contractors take pride in their work and always strive to complete installations promptly, efficiently and with attention to detail, leaving your home neat once the work is done.

We understand that a new AC installation is a major purchase that impacts your family’s budget. If you’re concerned about the cost, we offer convenient financing options for customers who qualify. Applying is easy—and quick! To ease the financial burden even more, we provide special coupons and offers. At Matheson, we strive to be the reliable, dependable and affordable choice! If you’re considering an AC replacement, call Matheson Heating, Air & Plumbing today. Our team will help you choose the right air conditioner for your property, maximizing the energy savings and efficiency your new system can offer.

We can also help to repair your air conditioner or provide maintenance solutions, as well as install a new furnace or heating system.

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