Heating Service in Commerce, MI and the Surrounding Areas

If you are searching for dependable, reputable heating service in Commerce, MI, and the surrounding areas, then you probably know the winters in Michigan can be extremely cold and frigid. Naturally, you want assurance that your home will be a warm and cozy respite when outside temperatures plummet to freezing. Let our heating experts at Matheson Heating, Air & Plumbing give you that peace of mind today. Whether your home heating system needs a tune-up, or needs to be replaced or repaired our heating company is #1 for a reason! We are comprised of our helpful staff and experienced technicians and will get your system ready for the harsh cold days and nights ahead.
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Expert Heating Repair in Commerce

When winter is on its way in Commerce, it is a good feeling to know your home’s heating system is in good working condition. Since a heating unit or heat pump is put through considerable wear and tear during the coldest months, it’s likely you’ll be due for a repair if you haven’t had it checked lately. Preventative maintenance is always important, but should you notice unfamiliar behaviours with your heating system, professional furnace repairs from Matheson Heating, Air & Plumbing are just a phone call away.

If you notice these problems with your heating system, give us a call:
  • Burning or other strange smells
  • Loud noises such as banging
  • Failure to produce warm air
  • Weak airstream
Our comprehensive heating services include:
  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

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Quality Heating Installation and Replacement

While our repair team can piece even the oldest heating system back together, eventually all heaters have a limited shelf life. Once your system exceeds 10 years or more, it becomes less efficient and requires more repairs. If one of our knowledgeable HVAC technicians determines that an installation is needed instead of repairing your old one, we’ll give you all your options and work with your budget. We guarantee a quality furnace replacement if your current system meets its end.

Pro Heating Service Maintenance

The importance of heating maintenance should not be overlooked. We offer effective heating maintenance plans, so you can reap the benefits of quality repairs and extra perks that come along with it. Regularly scheduled maintenance, you can prevent complex repairs and needs for replacements before they’re due. If you’re not a member of our Top Rank Service Program yet, give us a call and we’ll get things started!

Call us today at Matheson Heating, Air & Plumbing to ensure your home stays warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. Our heating services and AC services in Commerce never disappoints!

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