AC Maintenance in West Bloomfield, MI

Nothing starts the summer season like knowing you’ve had a thorough air conditioning maintenance in West Bloomfield, MI. As you hear the fans spin up on your first cooling day, you know that your AC tune-up prepared you for the best energy efficiency. Careful cleaning, especially of the delicate condenser and evaporator coils, ensures that heat transfer to the outside is proceeding effectively. A complete maintenance checklist covers all the AC systems including air handling, refrigeration, and control. If there have been any wintertime intruders nesting in your equipment, this is the time to check for any damage incurred.


Reliable Air Conditioning Maintenance in West Bloomfield

Giving the dedicated technician a chance to perform thorough air conditioning maintenance on your system in West Bloomfield has a mutual benefit. You get the AC tune-up and servicing that will help you get through the summer with the best energy efficiency and reliability. The technician gets a chance to thoroughly check your AC system, going beyond targeted fixes and even anticipating developing problems.

You’ll get a thorough, careful cleanup including the indoor and outdoor coils that transfer heat out of your home. Testing for refrigerant leaks and checking motor performance can identify issues before they become failures. Outdoor AC components such as the compressor tend to be exposed to weather, blown-in debris, and small creature nesting. They require special care to make sure everything’s ready to go for summer.

Air conditioning maintenance tests can include:
  • Contactor and wiring checks
  • Refrigerant verification
  • Compressor testing
  • Air handling motor and belt testing
  • Airflow and ductwork measurement
  • Thermostat check

AC Tune-Up Professionals

Like the essential pre-flight inspection, when our Matheson technician provides your air conditioning maintenance check and servicing, it’s to make sure you’re on your way with confidence. Energy efficiency, reliability, and performance are the three essential goals, along with your AC’s longevity. Matheson was founded over 75 years ago by a World War II aviator, Lt. Ross Matheson, who incorporated the airfield practices and precision in our company’s standards.

Our carefully trained team is always prepared with vehicles well stocked with parts and test equipment to serve you efficiently when you need us to repair your ac, replace your cooling system, and provide annual cooling maintenance. Our team is also equipped to provide annual heating maintenance. We’ve performed over 20,000 successful installations in the last half-century, and stay connected with our growing customer base. Check out our hundreds of top online reviews, and talk with our generations of customers in the West Bloomfield area to learn more about us!

Have you invested in a thorough, professional AC tune-up visit in West Bloomfield this year? Call Matheson and schedule one today!

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