AC Maintenance in South Lyon, MI

You can literally feel the difference after a professional air conditioning maintenance in South Lyon, MI. The careful cleaning of evaporator and condenser coils provides a boost in performance and efficiency. Air handling improvements performed as part of the AC tune-up boost cool airflow. Reliability, performance, energy savings, and equipment longevity are the goals of our skilled technician who provides a thorough “preflight” check, adjustment, and sign-off for your summer comfort. With an experienced eye, the fan motors and belts, filter, compressor, refrigerant and more all receive careful attention and care. If anything is going out of spec, we’ll be sure to let you know.


Dedicated Air Conditioning Maintenance in South Lyon

Taking the time for thorough air conditioning maintenance puts the focus on each component and system that’s providing your comfort in South Lyon, rather than just ones causing trouble. It’s the right way to provide long-term results, and start the summer off right with top performance and energy efficiency. An AC tune-up ensures that your cooling gives you the comfort you want with the least system effort, so it wears less and uses less energy. In addition to boosting overall results, our licensed technicians also look for signs of emerging trouble, and let you know early for preseason repairs. They check for refrigerant leaks, compressor problems, worn air handling motors and belts, clogged filters, even thermostat trouble. For equipment located outside, they clean out winter debris and nests, and repair any wiring or other damage as needed for a fresh start annually!

AC tune-up and maintenance visits can include:
  • Careful coil cleaning for peak efficiency
  • Condenser unit post-winter cleanout
  • Refrigerant verification for performance and compressor protection
  • Air handling system check
  • Air filter check and replacement
  • Thermostat check

AC Tune-Up and Maintenance Pros

Just as an airplane gets a careful pre-flight before each trip, we encourage our customers to schedule their annual air conditioning maintenance. They’ll get the best results from their system, and reduce the chances that they’ll need to call for help during the summer. At Matheson, we’re inspired by our founder, who over 75 years ago began this business with a solid sense of direction. He was a World War II fighter pilot, relying on careful mechanical care and understanding the value of thorough, well-trained technicians. We are here to handle all of your  air conditioning repair, ac replacement, and cooling maintenance needs. Our team is always prepared. We’ve earned excellent reviews from generations of customers.

Make it a habit of investing in annual air conditioning maintenance in South Lyon. Call Matheson today and schedule yours!

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